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CAPABLE© Program

CAPABLE© is a program that serves older adults who are experiencing challenges with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) by providing a more holistic approach to the idea of Aging In Place.

With the CAPABLE program, income-qualified older adults are paired with an Occupational Therapist and Registered Nurse, both of whom will conduct a series of visits in order to assist in the identification of challenges, setting of goals, and outlining of action plans for those goals. Within the parameters of the program, Hands From The Heart Home Healthcare is able to provide minor home modifications per the recommendation of the occupational therapist, which are geared toward improving independence.

You set the goals.

Patients identify self-care goals they’d like to address like:

• Walking to the mailbox

• Doing laundry

• Showering on your own

• Walking up & downstairs

• Housework

• Meal preparation

• Taking medicine as prescribed

We help you meet those goals so you can be safely independent for longer.


  • Do you have difficulty with bathing, dressing, pain, or walking?
  • Do you live in Philadelphia, Montgomery, or Delaware counties?
  • Do you make $3,000 or less a month in income?

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Pennsylvania Residents

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You are likely eligible if you have Medicaid.

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