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Leader Profile of the Month – Chrissy Hunsberger

Every month, we honor and recognize a team member, who is a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond in their current job responsibilities.

Here at Hands From The Heart, we recognize that our people are our superpower. We want you to get to know some of them through periodic profiles in these newsletters. This month we would like to recognize our Director of Operations Chrissy Hunsberger. Here is her leadership journey.

” I received my bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from Lock Haven University. I then went to Montgomery County Community College and received a Specialty Certificate in Accounting. Like most people when I graduated college, I needed a job, and I could not find one in the sports industry.  Someone told me to take the PA Civil Service test, so I did. I was offered a position at Montgomery County Office of Aging, now called the Mongomery County Office of Senior Services. I worked there for 10 years and while there my positions ranged from receptionist, office support person, billing supervisor, office manager, and contract monitor.  Working for Montgomery County Office of Senior Services, I realized that I wanted to be in an industry that helped people.  While working for Montgomery County, I applied for a part-time billing position at Hands From The Heart Home Healthcare Services.  I hit it off instantly with the president, Saira Hairston. I worked for her as a part-time biller for 1 year until they offered me a full-time position to come on board as the Administrative Director.  In January 2016 I started my first-day full time and have been a part of the growth and management of this team ever since. 

My leadership style has changed throughout the years as I have grown. I like to try to lead by example and be a positive leader. Like most things in life, sometimes I hit the mark, and sometimes I do not.  Overall, I like to be a democratic leader. I want to listen to my team on what may work best for them and what may not work best for them.  Oftentimes, my colleagues deal with frontline issues and day-to-day that I may not see or appreciate. Their perspective is important and valuable to me. They are doing the day-to-day work and they see it from a different perspective, so listening to my team can help make the organization run more efficiently and effectively.

Being in a leadership role isn’t for everybody. You will not make everybody happy, and you must be able to make the hard decisions when necessary. The hardest part for me is balancing getting my specific job done as well as managing the work product of my staff.  However, if you manage your time right, stick to your goals, and have a great team behind you, you can accomplish anything.”

Some fun things Chrissy likes to do is play softball, crossfit and hang out with her family and friends.

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