Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) systems are quickly becoming mandatory for all home care agencies to use. EVV systems allow home care providers (nurses, nursing assistants, home health aides, and others) to clock in and out using their smartphones or client landline phones rather than paper time sheets. These EVV systems have many advantages over paper time records. First, EVV allows for the immediate and accurate recording of time. This helps to eliminate the instance of Medicaid and Medicare fraud where a caregiver or provider might try to get paid for work that they did not actually perform. Second, EVV helps to ensure that caregivers are paid for all of the work that they perform by automatically uploading the caregiver’s hours worked directly in an agency’s payroll system.

For instance, the EVV system used by Hands From The Heart is fully integrated into both the agency’s billing and payroll software systems (known as ClearCare). The ClearCare Go Caregiver app provides our caregivers with a tutorial to help new users learn how to clock in and out easily and provide them with a user-friendly overview of the system’s capabilities. The Clearcare app is available on both iOS and Android devices, allowing caregivers to access their schedules from anywhere at any time on their mobile device. In turn, this permits caregivers to focus less time on administrative tasks and more time on providing care to our clients.

The implementation of EVV is just one way that we strive to achieve our mission of providing the highest quality and most comprehensive non-medical home care services through compassionate and well-trained caregivers dedicated to supporting the unique lifestyles and specific needs of our clients and their families. If you are currently receiving home care services through another agency and are interested in learning more about the Hands From The Heart difference, or if you or your loved one is not currently receiving home care services and you would like to discuss receiving services from our agency, then please contact us at 484-270-4501 or visit our website at www.handsfromtheheart.org.