The Hands From The Heart December Client of the Month is Ms. Tanya Butler-Fraley.

Here at Hands From The Heart, we have often celebrated clients that have been a part of our extended family in different ways — including by highlighting them in our newsletter.  This month, we have the pleasure of showcasing another wonderful client, Ms. Tanya Butler-Fraley.  Ms. Fraley has been a client with Hands From The Heart since October 2018. Our staff routinely speak highly of Ms. Fraley, frequently commenting about how pleasant she is and how spotless she keeps her home.  Ms. Fraley says that she chose Hands From The Heart as her agency because our company’s name made her feel as though her heart was in our hands. She said that she usually is not much of a people person, but our intake specialist was friendly and helpful and her coordinator was always pleasant, which led her to select Hand’s From The Heart as her agency of choice.

Latoya Newsome-Clemens is our Caregiver of the Month and is Ms. Fraley’s niece.

Our caregiver of the month is Ms. Latoya Newsome-Clemens.  Latoya is the niece of Ms. Fraley, and a dedicated caregiver to her.  When talking about her niece, Ms. Fraley never stops mentioning how well she cooks stating that “she knows just what to make and how to make it.”  It is clear that Latoya understands and cares for her aunt greatly.  Ms. Fraley says that Latoya is an outstanding caregiver who arrives on time and stays late, often times just talking and keeping her company.

We would like to thank Ms. Fraley for being a wonderful client and letting us serve as her home care agency.  We would also like to thank Latoya Newsome-Clemens for being an excellent caregiver to her aunt, as well as being a great asset to the agency.  We are grateful to have both of them as part of the Hands From The Heart family! Hands From The Heart Home Health Care Services is the agency of choice for many paid family caregivers for individuals receiving services through a Medicaid waiver program. If a family member can be paid as a caregiver, it can help reduce stress and allow individuals already caring for a loved one to be paid for their services. This can be a huge financial benefit to the entire family, particularly since people caring for a loved one will often need to reduce their ordinary time at work (and their pay) to assist the family member in need.

If you are interested in becoming a caregiver for a family member or loved one or if you are in need of homecare services and would like to have a member of your family become your caregiver, we can help you. Visit our website at or give us a call at (484)-270-4501 to learn more about becoming a part of the Hands From The Heart family.