Every month, we honor and recognize a consumer and caregiver of the month, who is a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond in their current job responsibilities.

caregiver of the month July

Caregiver Sharnay

“I was inspired to become a nurse to have a career which I could help others, especially the elders in my family. Working at Hands From The Heart I learned to be patient, take your time, be open minded and kind while keeping it professional. Knowing my mother is okay because I am caring for her, has made my life so much easier. My advice I would give to prospect caregivers would be to be loving, caring, respectful, patient and compassionate.”

Consumer Valerie

“ I decided to receive services from Hands From The Heart from a long list. I feel safe and secure that my daughter is my caregiver. I like to help her cook, play cards and other family games. My Case Manager at HFTH is a great communicator, Joslin is always on time and easy to reach too. I wish first time caregivers knew to be patient, compassionate, respectful and joyful. My daughter (caregiver) helps me to follow my my daily routine. My daughter helps me to stay positive even when I feel like giving up.”
consumer of the month July