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Caregiver & Client of the Month: August 2021

Every month, we honor and recognize a client and caregiver of the month, who is a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond in their current job responsibilities.

Read their stories below.

Caregiver Jamir Tindel

Congratulations to Jamir Tindel for being the caregiver of the month. Here is what he has to say about being a caregiver at Hands From The Heart.

” What inspired me to become a caregiver was taking care of my cousin for about 5yrs. By working at Hands From The Heart I have learned the importance of patience because many clients have things that need to be done in a specific way. I have learned that it takes time to adjust to their specific needs. Hands From The Heart made me realize that not only should we care for the clients, but that it is also okay to offer them companionship.  It is very healthy to create a positive bond between the client and yourself. My proudest moment at HFTH is whenever my consumers let me know that they appreciate my help and service. I advise prospective caregivers to not only be patient with the clients but also commit fully. This means showing up on time, learning proper communication, and treating every client with respect and kindness at all times.”

Thank you, Jamir, for all your hard work!

Client Eva Wright

Congratulations to Eva Wright for being consumer of the month. Eva became a consumer because her daughter is also a caregiver with HFTH, and she helped her acquire our services. Eva really has a great relationship with her caregiver.  He always has a great attitude and is always willing to help. Eva states that having a sense of understanding is something that could get you far as a caregiver, it will solve everything once you understand your client that is how you know how to take care of your client.

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